A study of English reflexive interpretation by Thai University English Majors

TitleA study of English reflexive interpretation by Thai University English Majors
Publication Typeวิทยานิพนธ์/Thesis
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJarunee Anupan
DegreeMaster of Arts
InstitutionFaculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathanee University
CityUbon Ratchathani
Call NumberPE J37
Keywordsbinding, English language--Reflexives--Study and teaching (Graduate)--Research, interpretation, L1 transfer, Thai students

This study explores how Thai university English majors interpret English reflexives and if there is different interpretation across different language proficiency groups. Multiple-choice test of English reflexive interpretation was designed to deal with two sentence types: sentences with that-clauses and infinitive clauses and administered to Thai learners of English at four proficiency level (n=117).
Results from the learners indicate that L1 transfer with learners' world experience influence the learners' interpretation of English reflexives. Correct interpretation in sentences with that-clauses is significantly better than those in sentences with infinitive clauses. This asymmetry exists even in the begining group and persists through out the higher proficiency groups. 58.83% of the subjects failed the test which can be inferred that they did not yet acquire the binding principle. The results were better with those subjects with more years of formal instruction. The syudy concludes that the learners need explicit instruction of reflexive interpretation rules in class so that they can learn and communicate more accurately and successfully.

Title Alternate การศึกษาการตีความสรรพนามสะท้อนในภาษาอังกฤษของนักศึกษาวิชาเอกภาษาอังกฤษชาวไทย