Influence of WO3 on gamma ray shielding glass in 30BaO-(50-x)B2O3-10BG-10CR-xWO3 system

TitleInfluence of WO3 on gamma ray shielding glass in 30BaO-(50-x)B2O3-10BG-10CR-xWO3 system
Publication Typeวิทยานิพนธ์/Thesis
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPattaranipa Gunhakoon
DegreeDoctor of Philosophy -- Major in Physics
InstitutionFaculty of Science, Ubon Rachathani University
CityUbon Rachathani
Call NumberTA P315 2020
Keywordselastic properties, Gamma rays, Glass, radiation properties, Tungsten oxides, Ultrasonic contact technique

Glasses of system barium-borate-bagasse-cassava rhizome-WO3 are developed for gamma ray shielding materials. This glass system was prepared by a conventional melt-quenching technique. The density of all glass samples was studied using the principle of Archimedes, then their molar volume was calculated. The homogeneity and amorphous nature of this glass system were examined using X-ray mapping and X-ray diffraction techniques, respectively. In addition, the ultrasonic velocities were measured using the ultrasonic contact technique and then their elastic moduli were calculated. The results obtained were compared with theoretical values through the Makishima-Mackenzie model and Adb El-Moneim-Alfifi approaches. FTIR spectra were also recorded to support the result of ultrasonic velocities. The microhardness of this glass system was tested and compared with standard radiation shielding lead glass. The mass attenuation coefficient was studied using a broad-beam transmission technique at 60, 122 and 662 keV proton energies. The data obtained was used to calculate the half value layers and mean free paths. These results were compared with the values computed by WinXCom program. The results of physical, structural, elastic and radiation shielding properties are related to modifications in the glass structure. There were significant changes in the number of non-bridging oxygen in the glass network due to the addition of WO3. Radiation shielding properties also depend on photon energies. The elastic property calculation using the Makishima-Mackenzie model gave some elastic moduli similar to that obtained from the experiment, but the Abd El-Moneim-Alfifi approach provided inconsistent

Title Alternate ผลของ WO3 ที่มีต่อแก้วกำบังรังสีแกมมำในระบบ 30BaO-(50-x)B2O3-10BG-10CR-xWO3